Blood Flow and Pain Relief – The Two Unknown Bacopa Advantages 

Spending time online in nootropics communities will inform you of how popular bacopa monnieri is as a cognitive enhancer. A lot of people use this by itself for improving their memory and general cognition, but many popular supplements do as well. For Alpha Brain and Nootrobox products both have bacopa because of how much of a catch-all it is. This is a smart drug that has very real and scientifically proven benefits at certain doses.

 One of the things most people do not know about is the unknown benefits that are less publicized and understood. For example, blood flow in the brain (referred to as cerebral blood flow) is enhanced through the use of bacopa. One study showed that blood flow increased and bacopa helped to reduce blood pressure. These were both related to the active ingredient (and more specifically bacoside A3 and II). If it seems like this is too much information for you to use or find helpful, you are probably right! The bottom line is that cerebral blood flow helps your brain function better because it has more oxygen and nutrients.

 pain reliefAdditionally, there are advantages of bacopa monnieri for pain relief. One study showed that in higher doses, the bacopa monnieri adaptogen could be helpful for removing pain. It seems this is caused by a combination of opiodergic, serotonergic, and adrenergic mechanisms that helps to improve the feelings of pain.

 The best part about these two benefits is that you might have never even known them while they were helping you. The advantages of the natural products that have been used for thousands of years are manifold and sometimes they are even greater than what you have expected or knew about in the past.