Before and After School Care for Working Families.

Choosing a good after-school program for my school age child.

After school care programs are set up for children of all ages. These programs help the child with their academic support, being a mentor for them, development, the arts, sports, and recreation. The programs build positive influences and improve academic performance, behaviors in the classrooms, the child’s health and their nutrition. It has been estimated that there have been 10 million children of all ages participating in after school programs a year, around 10 million that attend a summer camp a year, and in the programs offered by 4-H, there are nearly 6 million yearly.

There are community organizations that offer after school care programs for children. Here are some of the programs for school age care for children.
• The Boys and Girls Clubs of America
• 4-H Council
• Girls, Inc.
• Camp Fire USA
• Parks and Recreation Department
• Churches, synagogues, and mosques
• Police Athletic Leagues
• After School All-Stars

If these different organizations are either not available or do not offer the types of programs that the children. Some options may not be thought of right off. Here are some of them to think about.
• They can learn the art of wilderness survival from the Scout or Parks and Recreation
• Build Lego Robots
• Take music lessons with any instrument of interest
• Teach them to garden or about agriculture (farming)
• Let them learn how to do some form of martial arts, such as karate
• Take them to a gym to learn the proper way to workout

If you are still having trouble finding something for the children to do then some ways can be done to learn about places for school age care. Here are a few suggestions to get started with. There are always other parents, grandparents, and teachers that you can ask to see where their children go or if they have any recommendations. If necessary the local childcare resource and referral office can be called or emailed to see what recommendations they might have for after school programs in the area.

Some places are set up for infant care and child care for all ages. The local YMCA offers a professional staff that cares for the infants in a home-like environment and nurtures them as the parents would. The staff work with the infants to help them progress through the development of each stage of their lives.

Another place that is good for infant care and children of all ages is Children’s Community Center also known as CCC. When they work with the infants they are working towards getting them to their next milestone in development. They also include the learning of sign language into everyday activities. They work with toddlers on their gross motor skills; they do storytime, art projects, and music. They have free time to play and snacks too.

Family Fun Nights at your School

PTA or PTO Family Fun Night Ideas

When your PTA or PTO is looking to bring families together, it can be nice to put on events for families to attend. You can put on events that allow parents to have fun with their children and help them interact with other parents. There are themes that you can use for the PTA or PTO fun nights that you put together for families, and there are different activities that you can offer that will keep parents and children entertained for hours.

Put Together Games that Involve Parents and Children Working Together:
When you are putting on an event where you want both children and adults to have fun, you should plan games that involve both children and adults. You should make a list of games that involve teams that you can use to keep everyone entertained at your fun night and to help parents and children bond with one another. Think of games that will require parents to help their children overcome obstacles to find success.

Use Bounce Houses and Inflatables:
If you want children to get excited about an event, you can use bounce house rentals to help with that. As soon as children see interactive inflatables and bounce house rentals, they are going to be excited about the play time that is in front of them. If you want kids to keep talking about the night that you put on for them, you should give them the chance to jump around, be active, and play with one another.

Give Children the Chance to Decorate Baked Treats:
You can use party rentals to make your event fun, and you can also get your guests to be involved in the process of making snacks to enjoy. You can set up a station where children will be able to decorate cookies or another type of treat and then use that as your way of offering a snack to those who come to your family fun night. You can encourage parents to help their children with the decorating of baked treats.

Put Together Craft Stations:
Children love to be creative, and it can be fun to give your guests something that they can take home when the night is over. You can set up a craft area at your family fun night, where families will be able to work with one another to create some type of object that they will then be able to take home with them.

Create an Open Mic Area for Those Who Want to Perform:
It can be fun for families to get up with one another and perform for a crowd. You might consider creating a stage that parents and children can use to get up and sing for everyone. You can create an open mic area to allow those who would like to share a talent to do that, and you can use this as the entertainment for your event, too. Consider putting on a talent show, complete with judges.

Invest in Decor that Makes the Party Special but is Affordable:
When you are setting up for a family night, you want to do what you can to make the night special for everyone. The decor that you choose can help with that. You should cover the tables at your event with table coverings of some kind, even if you have to go with low cost ones. You should consider having the families that are a part of your school bring decor pieces for the tables at your event.

Set Up an Area for Taking Pictures:
You can use interactive inflatables and party rentals as backdrops for casual pictures that parents can take to remember your event, and you can also set up a photo booth for more professional pictures to be taken. You can give families an area where they can gather to have their picture taken so that they will remember the fun that they had with one another while attending your event.

Make the Night Special for Everyone:
If your PTA or PTO is putting on an event of some kind, you want to figure out all that you can do to make sure that children and adults enjoy the event. Make sure that you are choosing food and games for the event that can be appreciated by all ages. Spent time working with others to plan out an event that will make you feel good and that will allow a variety of people to make memories that they will hold onto forever. For School Events we’ve heard great things about Amazing Jumps, Tents, & Events.